1000 Steps

Hello from the blog! I’m back. Well for a day before heading to San Francisco for the weekend for a wedding. So I thought I’d take this day back to share one of my favorite stories from our honeymoon. It all starts int he Amalfi Coast…

We arrived to our little town on Minori on the coast bright-eyed and ready for a relaxing, beautiful weekend. But things started off a little differently. We had zero cell service and big dreams of getting to Ravello for dinner. We bought a couple tickets at the Tabbachi Store after wandering the major street of the town to figure out what a Tabbachi Store was and where it was then we headed to the bus stop. We waited at the bus stop and learned that Italian bus schedules run on their own time and that we were going to miss our reservation waiting for the bus. So we decided we’d walk.

We headed to the receptionist’s desk at the hotel to ask for some walking routes. She told us that if we just walked past the post office it was 1000 steps to Ravello. 1000 steps. No biggie right? So we head past the post office down a narrow corridor, make a left, and there we are – looking up at the start of what is actually 1000 stairs. Ravello is a city on a hill, so we should have known better than to think it was a flat walk to the top. I being optimistic insist we can make it, but Estevan is more realistic. After a little back and forth we decided 1000 stairs was not for us, as I was in a block heel, and I wouldn’t say I’m that physically fit.

We later made it to Ravello via bus and those views would have been worth the walk.